All inclusive
– literally

Increasing regulation is raising the bar for businesses with complex ownership structures and international value chains to be served by traditional institutions and challenger banks. Relio is fostering financial inclusion with a new approach to deliver Swiss financial services to this underserved segment of businesses.

We also believe that a Relio account should not just be the home of your money, it should be the home of your business. This is why we are providing powerful tools and services to support our customers in their daily operations. Customers also get additional peace of mind with Relio's simple all-inclusive pricing model.

Backed by industry leaders

Relio has secured financial investments and support from some of the most respected VC firms in Switzerland and Germany.

SIX FinTech Ventures

The VC arm of Switzerland's most important provider of financial infrastructure, which also operates the Swiss Stock Exchange.

Hightech Gründerfonds

Germany's largest Tech VC, which is a public-private partnership of the German Government and 39 corporates.

F10 Fintech Accelerator

Switzerland's leading Fintech Accelerator in Zurich, from where Relio graduated in 2021.

Regulation by Swiss authorities

For maximum legal certainty, Relio is seeking a Fintech license from FINMA, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority.

Client funds will be deposited in full with the Swiss National Bank and may not be used for risk transactions, investments or other purposes. Due to these restrictions, Relio's deposits are not covered by depositor insurance.

Please note that Relio is currently not supervised by FINMA and will not launch any financial services before the licensing process is completed.

Sustainable from day one

Net Zero

Be the change that you want to see in the world. That is why we are working to become a net zero financial institution.

Customer eligibility

We exclude industries that are involved in extensive pollution of the world, such as fossil fuels and gas companies.

Investment strategy

Customer funds will not be invested in business sectors and financial products that fuel climate change and impact social injustice.

Commitment to ESG

Relio supports the efforts of the financial community to set a standard for sustainability and commits to ESG guidelines.

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